Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dress Up Contest - Taeyang

UPDATE - Almost no one wants to participate so I will freeze this project for the moment . If you want to share your version of Taeyang you can still do so .

Hi , again !

You can now participate in the making of  “Taeyang Fashion Show  “  on our Facebook page .

To do so  you need to

1. Create your version of Taeyang with Taeyang Dress Up Game ( )

2. Submit it (post it on the facebook wall) for " Taeyang Fashion Show "  for one of the following categories
   - "Superstar"
  - " Bad Boy "
  - " Casual "
  - " Funny/Cute "
  -  " The way I like him the most "

 ( I will delete it from there and re-upload it to the photo album of the game later)

3. You can submit max. 3 picture ( one for each category )  

4  Under your picture you could post a short title for it  ( this is optional ! )

5. All submissions must be done before the25th of July . After that you can vote for the ones you like the most until the 5th of August

UPDATE : I will keep the contest open until at least 30 people participate (  that means that if by the 25th of July there are not at least 30 people who submitted a picture I will postpone the deadline )  . That is because , if there is not enough participants , there is not much point in doing the contest . I think not enough people know about it so share it with some friends ! ^^

 The winners of each chategory will get a special small gadget price ( I will make some BIGBANG related items and send them to you . I am trying to get some BIGBANG little socks to give you as an award as well ) . One random participants might  also get a small gift .

Attention – this is mainly for fun! ^^ 


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