This game is insprired by BIGBANG Monster MV)

( scroll down to see the game - also wait a few minutes if you see only white screen )
To save your image – 1.use the print screen button  2.  paste the image into PAINT  3 .save it :)

Monster mini Game - DAESUNG

  ( notes -1 some tattoos are on the legs , so if you put him pants you won't seen them - so just keep click for the next one 2. this is the first flash game that I am coding myself , so forgive me if there are some small defects , I will try to fix them for the next time )

Enjoy !

to know when the other games are coming out - read here 

If you want , share your Monster on our facebook page ! You can also invent who his character  is and describe to us if he has some super power .


  1. Sooooo cute~!! (^-^) Love it~!!

  2. Omg this is soooo cute i loveit thanks so much for making it you really are the best!

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  5. I made mine like a mysterious, sexy I don't know T.O.P!!!!

  6. this game is amazing and cute!!! i really like it!!! ^_~

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