Saturday, August 18, 2012

BIGBANG 6th Anniversary Present Surprise !

Hello , everyone !

It is been a long time , right ? I am sorry about not updating with new games all this time , but I was really busy . Starting from September , more BIGBANG games are coming so come to check the page !

Now , since I was doing a magazine issue dedicated to BIGBANG  ( read it here  ) , I was checking some of their older photos and  this idea came to my mind . I though it will be funny to mix their current style with the one from before .
You can go back and forth throughout the years and see the major changes to BIGBANG - they grew up , their style evolved etc . Of course here just VERY FEW of their reincarnations , since , as you might know , BIGBANG's wardrobe is like a black hole with no end to it .

Hope you enjoy it ! Don't forget to share or comment - it makes me very happy and gives me motivation to work more for the other games .

NOTE ! - I do not own the pictures used in this game - they belong to YG Entertainment . I just edit them to create this game for all VIPs who are celebrating BIGBANG's anniversary today !

PS sorry about this white frame that appears around the game . I cannot  remove it for the moment :S

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